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With your support, we funded Spring Splash Week at the YMCA for 350 kids.

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YMCA of Marin SPLASH Program Commences

Nothing but smiles at the YMCA of Marin SPLASH event, teaching kids to learn how to swim and be safe around water. We're honored to know proceeds from the Marin County Half Marathon and Marin County Triathlon are funding this incredible program!

Founder & Director Mark Liebert Featured in the Pacific Sun

"A competitive athlete since his late 40s, Liebert is also the founder of the Sustainable Sports Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes local athletic events encouraging healthy lifestyles, with particular emphasis on providing opportunities for underprivileged Marin...

Thank you for the feedback Jackie!

I do 10-12 races each season (including national and international championship events), and I have to say that the Marin County Tri is one of the most (if not THE most) well organized event I’ve attended. There were so many meaningful, little extras I don’t even know...